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The Utterly Entertaining 'Dickensian'

Just wanted to write a quick post about a show I just came across on PBS called "Dickensian". It is quite good. I accessed it through Thirteen PBS Passport, but it is also available on YouTube for $24.99 for the season. In the US, there are only 10 episodes available about an hour long each, but in the UK 20 episodes are available. It's only one season, but its a series I can watch over and over again.

Dickensian which premiered December 26, 2015 through February 21, 2016 is a bold reinvention of Charles Dickens' timeless novels, where his most iconic characters live side by side in the same Victorian neighborhood. Free from the straightjacket of adaptation, Dickensian takes familiar characters on new journeys.

Scrooge meets Fagin meets Miss Havisham in a riotous mix of Dickens' most loved characters - their lives intertwined on one mysterious street, and in the murder of Jacob Marley.

Dickensian Trailer

Dickensian Website

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