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New Releases Week of March 15th

Updated: Mar 17

The gathering of books for this week are hereby listed as...

Darkness For Light

by Emma Viskic

ISBN-13: 9781782275435

Publisher: Steerforth Press

Publication date: 3/16/2021

Series: Pushkin Vertigo #31

Pages: 352

Caleb Zelic can't hear you. But he can see everything.

The latest pulsating thriller in the Caleb Zelic series

After a lifetime of bad decisions PI Caleb Zelic is finally making good ones. He's in therapy, his business is recovering and his relationship with his estranged wife Kat is on the mend.

But soon Caleb is drawn into the tangled life of his troubled ex partner Frankie, which leads to a confrontation with the cops. And when Frankie's niece is kidnapped, she and Caleb must work together to save the child's life. But can Caleb trust her after her past betrayals?

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Inspector Mislan and the Expressway Murders

by Rozlan Mohd Noor


Publisher: Arcade Crimewise

Publication date: 3/16/2021

Series: Inspector Mislan #2

Pages: 288

In the run‑up to the Eid holiday, the police department is drained of staff and the DUKE expressway jammed with vehicles, as many in Kuala Lumpur leave the capital to celebrate the end of Ramadan with their extended families. In the slow lane, a Mercedes E200 suddenly veers after several bright flashes and comes to rest against the guardrail. When the highway patrol arrives, what looked like a traffic accident turns out to be an apparent murder‑suicide of the driver and his female passenger, both having suffered gunshot wounds.

Yet, called to lend a hand with the investigation, Inspector Mislan finds something else again. The dead man and woman, a wealthy, politically connected entrepreneur and his business associate, were by all appearances engaged in a long-term affair, seemingly in love, and the crime scene doesn't add up for suicide. But then, if these two successful people were murdered, why? And how, when the car was locked from the inside? And why does the political establishment want the case closed in such an awful hurry? Once again, Mislan must find a way—with the help of his team and his politically savvy boss—to withstand the pressure from above, solve an impossible mystery, and ensure that justice prevails.

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This Town Sleeps

by Dennis Staples

ISBN-13: 9781640092846

Publisher: Catapult

Publication date: 3/03/2020

Pages: 224

On an Ojibwe reservation called Languille Lake, within the small town of Geshig at the hub of the rez, two men enter into a secret romance. Marion Lafournier, a midtwenties gay Ojibwe man, begins a relationship with his former classmate Shannon, a heavily closeted white man. While Marion is far more open about his sexuality, neither is immune to the realities of the lives of gay men in small towns and closed societies.

Then one night, while roaming the dark streets of Geshig, Marion unknowingly brings to life the spirit of a dog from beneath the elementary school playground. The mysterious revenant leads him to the grave of Kayden Kelliher, an Ojibwe basketball star who was murdered at the age of seventeen and whose presence still lingers in the memories of the townsfolk. While investigating the fallen hero’s death, Marion discovers family connections and an old Ojibwe legend that may be the secret to unraveling the mystery he has found himself in.

Set on a reservation in far northern Minnesota, This Town Sleeps explores the many ways history, culture, landscape, and lineage shape our lives, our understanding of the world we inhabit, and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of it all.

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Pieces Of Eight

A Spider John Mystery

by Steve Goble

ISBN-13: 9781645060376

Publisher: Seventh Street Books

Publication date: 3/16/2021

Pages: 240

1723—Spider John is almost home, free of the horrors of the pirate life, free of the violence, free of the death. The wife and baby he left behind almost a decade ago are almost within reach.

But then a murder aboard Minuet uncovers a deeper conspiracy, and soon Spider and his friends—curmudgeonly Odin, swashbuckling young Hob and alluring Ruth Copper— find themselves in the midst of flintlock smoke and bloodshed.

The violence follows Spider ashore to Nantucket, where the loving reception he’d dreamed of turns out to be something utterly unexpected. Soon, Spider is running for his life and confronting cutthroats and thieves — while hiding from islanders who think he left a man dead on a widow’s front step.

The solution? Find the killer. The consequences? Those could change Spider John’s life forever.

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The Scry's The Limit

A Shady Grove Mystery

by Ada Bell

ISBN-13: 781666254730

Publication date: 3/17/2021

Series: Shady Grove Psychic Mysteries #2

Pages: 220

Just when Aly thinks she understands her psychic powers, a new mystery puts them to the test.

Life in Shady Grove is looking up. Aly's excited to start classes at Maloney College, she loves her job, and her unrequited crush might be starting to turn into an actual flirtation. If only she could figure out how her sister-in-law died and help her brother move on, everything would be awesome. Then, Aly's academic advisor and favorite professor turns up dead.

Professor Zimm was a beloved teacher. Who would want to kill her? There's the colleague who could make tenure in her absence; the athlete who resents having to retake the class; the husband who's never around; the rich girl who's determined to get an A at all costs. With no shortage of suspects, if Aly can't narrow it down, the campus killer may never be brought to justice.

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The Dockland Murder

by Mike Hollow

ISBN-13: 9780749026134

Publisher: Allison & Busby, Limited

Publication date: 3/18/2021

Series: Blitz Detective Series #5

Pages: 352

November 1940. Darkness descends and another anxious night begins for those tasked with guarding the industrial heartland of London from enemy attack. As a policeman patrols the Royal Albert Dock, something catches his eye – a man is sprawled awkwardly across a nearby barge, a dagger lodged in his back.

Detective Inspector John Jago of West Ham CID discovers the victim was a dock worker by day and a Home Guard volunteer by night – and there are things even his wife doesn’t know about his past. As the investigation unfolds, Jago uncovers a widening circle of secrets ranging across family tensions, the last war and a far-flung corner of the British Empire.

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Blood Runs Thicker

A Medieval Mystery

by Sarah Hawkswood

ISBN-13: 9780749027209

Publisher: Allison & Busby, Limited

Publication date: 3/18/2021

Pages: 288

August 1144. Osbern de Lench is known far and wide as a hard master, whose temper is perpetually frayed. After riding to survey his land and the incoming harvest from the top of the nearby hill, his horse returns to the hall riderless and the lifeless body of the lord is found soon after.

Was it the work of thieves, or something closer to home? With an heir who is cast in the same hot-tempered mould, sworn enemies for neighbours, and something amiss in the relationship between Osbern and his wife, undersheriff Hugh Bradecote, the wily Serjeant Catchpoll and apprentice Walkelin have suspects aplenty.

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