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My Review of "The Lie" on Amazon

This movie I was't expecting too much from the out set because of the reviews I saw prior to checking it out.

I like to give movies a fair chance because... ya know... objective opinions. Well, with this one those low rated reviews were well deserved. This story is about a teenage girl that kills her friend within the first 10 minutes of the movie. Her separated parents which in turn try to cover it up the murder, by any means necessary.

I felt there was such volatility between the mother (Rebecca), the father (Jay) and the daughter (Kayla) in the beginning of the story that's not quite explained.

I never grew an attachment with any of the characters. I felt the story was a forced narrative and drawn out too long, it definitely could have been summed up in about 30 minutes.

With that said I give this story a:

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