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LoM Reviews: Mrs. Bradley Mysteries

Updated: Jan 27

The irrepressible, inquisitive, Adela Bradley is on hand to solve complex cases of blackmail, murder, sacrifice and mistaken identity with characteristic style and grace. Paired with her reliable and devoted chauffeur, George, Mrs. Bradley's powers of psychological sleuthing are challenged to the full extent.

On a whim, I just recently found out about Mrs. Bradley Mysteries, which I am totally befuddled as to why I didn't know about this show before. It stars Diana Rigg (The Avengers, Game of Thrones) as a very elegant, witty psychoanalysis along with Neil Dudgeon (Midsomer Murders) driving her around in a Rolls Royce, as her chauffeur. The time period is set in the 1920s. It gave me Rosemary & Thyme meets a snazzy Miss Marple vibes. The flapper-style wardrobe is luxurious and the atmosphere is very alluring.

The first episode of this series entitled, "Speedy Death" . The show starts out with Mrs. Bradley attending her dearly departed husband's funeral, which she makes no secret about how much of a bore he was. She later attends a party at the beautiful estate of an old friend (Alastair Bing) celebrating his paralyzed daughter's engagement.

The party has an unexpected guest to attend and later the groom-to-be ends up dead. There are a few twists in this one, which will keep you on your toes as to who-dun-it.

As for the series itself, unfortunately, is only a total of 5 episodes. Why, I will never know because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It will take five and a half hours to watch the whole series which can be completed in one cozy comfy sitting.

Definitely worth the watch.

Mrs. Bradley Mysteries

Packaging: Boxed set

Run Time: 330 minutes

Format: N/A

Number of discs: 2

Language: English

Foreign Language Subtitles: No

Color or B&W: Color


  • Speedy Death The emancipated Mrs. Bradley attends her ex-husband's funeral and segues to the estate of her paralyzed goddaughter who is hosting an engagement party.

  • Death at the Opera Mrs. Bradley revisits her alma mater. One of the lead singers is murdered during a school performance of the Mikado.

  • The Rising of the Moon Mrs. Bradley investigates the murders of two members of a traveling circus troupe, one a bullwhip artist and the other a member of a knife-throwing act.

  • Laurels Are Poison While visiting an old friend on her baronial estate, Mrs. Bradley tries to solve the poisoning of a cook while George confronts his dead brother's C.O.

  • The Worsted Viper Mrs. Bradley and George travel to a seaside resort town for the wedding of George's daughter and are faced with a ritualistic serial killer.

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