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Book Review: What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris

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It's 1811, and the threat of revolution haunts the upper classes of King George III's England. Then a beautiful young woman is found raped and savagely murdered on the altar steps of an ancient church near Westminster Abbey. A dueling pistol discovered at the scene and the damning testimony of a witness both point to one man, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, a brilliant young nobleman shattered by his experience in the Napoleonic Wars.

Mass Market Paperback: 410 pages

Published: October 3rd 2006 by Signet

(first published November 1st 2005)

Original Title: What Angels Fear ISBN: 0451219716 (ISBN13: 9780451219718) Edition Language: English


The main character Sebastian St. Cyr , Viscount Devlin - that's a mouthful of a name - who is a handsome, rich, military veteran and adventurous nobleman, that has been accused of the murder of the actress-prostitute Rachel York. Who was raped and killed in a old church with her throat slashed. Now Sebastian must use his skills in espionage in order to clear his name and find out why he was chosen to be the fall guy of a crime that he is innocent of. Devlin utilizes a variety of allies, including his ex-paramour Kat Boleyn, to help him get to the truth behind Rachel's murder and who is the actual killer.

This book is eloquently written and a superb historical fiction mystery.

The plot is gripping and a perfect way to experience escapism. The book's imagery in the story was on point with such passages as:

The rain had stopped, but with the coming of darkness the temperature had plummeted, sending most of London's residents scurrying indoors. He could hear the distant screech of iron rimmed wheels and the dull monotony of a church bell sounding someone's death knell, and nothing more. Pushing open the door he went inside. A heavy medley of smells washed over him, of ale and tobacco of bitter coal smoke and hot grease and rank, stale sweat.

Vividly I could almost see and smell everything described. It felt as if I was there walking along the London cobble streets along with Sebastian.

The author CS Harris has a PhD in European history with explains the little bits of information dropped into the story about the political parties Whigs and Tories and the Regency period named for the Prince Regent at the time.

This book is the first of fifteen in the Sebastian St. Cyr series.



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