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Author Spotlight: Charles Todd

Updated: Mar 21

While researching authors for this weeks 'Author Spotlight', I came across Charles Todd. Expecting to read about a man and his wonderful contribution to mystery, Charles Todd is actually a pen name for the writing team of Caroline and Charles Todd, a mother-and-son duo. The more you know, eh? The listening of resonant storytelling told by their father and grandfather, while sitting down south on the front porch is a very telling part of background and how they may have been heavily influenced to be authors today. Even the maternal grandmother told fantastic ghost stories, which further proves storytelling is oozing from the mother-and-son team's pores. Their uncle/great-uncle served as a flyer in WWI, which influenced their interest writing with the backdrop of war and history.

-More About Charles Todd-

Charles and Caroline Todd are a writing team who live on the east coast of the United

States. They are the New York Times Best Selling authors of the Inspector Ian Rutledge Series and the Bess Crawford series. They have published over thirty titles including two stand-alone novels, an anthology of short stories and over twenty short stories appearing in

mystery magazines’ and anthologies worldwide. Their works have received the Mary Higgins Clark, Agatha, and Barry awards along with nominations for the Anthony, Edgar, and Dagger awards. They also happen to be mother and son, and they have always found it easier to work a few states apart because that happens to be how they began their collaboration.

Charles learned the rich history of Britain, including the legends of King Arthur, William Wallace, and other heroes, as a child. Books on Nelson and by Winston Churchill were always at hand. Their many trips to England gave them the opportunity to spend time in villages and the countryside, where there's a different viewpoint from that of the large cities. Their travels are at the heart of the series they began ten years ago.

-Charles Todd at Hudson Library in March 2018-

-The Ian Rutledge Series-

The best-known stories in the Charles Todd collection feature Inspector Ian Rutledge of Scotland Yard. As a shell-shocked WW1 veteran, Rutledge is haunted by wartime memories of having shot a fellow soldier before being buried alive with the man’s corpse by an explosion. As he returns to his duties as a Scotland Yard inspector working to solve murders, Rutledge must live with his guilt, which is personified by the soldier, Hamish. Hamish is a voice inside his head that Rutledge must keep secret to avoid the social stigma which accompanied psychological, mental, or emotional issues in the early 20th century. Further complicating the issue is a superior who wants to see Rutledge removed from duty.

New Release

-The Bess Crawford Series-

Brought up in India, where she was taught values of duty, honor and integrity by her officer father, Bess Crawford has signed up for service as a British nurse, in France. She tends diligently to the many wounded of the first world war. Her interest, however, is always piqued by a mystery, and she feels compelled to find all the answers, leading to this character’s secondary vocation as an amateur sleuth. Doing the right thing is important to Bess Crawford, and she always strives to follow the moral code bequeathed to her by her upstanding soldier Father a colonel Major in the British Army. This sense of duty and morality has drawn her into some tricky and even dangerous situations.

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